True Cost of Entitlements

What is the True Cost of Entitlements in the US – Subsidized Housing, Health Care, Welfare, Retirement, Social Security, Education, Agriculture (Food)

How many people in the US, citizens and illegals, are receiving some sort of payment from the government? What are the costs of these programs? Is this sustainable? Who will pay for these programs? How fast are these costs rising? These questions are all answered in the Heritage Foundation Report. 

  • 64.3 Million Americans receive entitlements; add in federal and state governments employees & its 88.3 Million (29%) in 2008
  • Per Capita entitlement support equals $31,950 in 2009
  • Dependence on Government is accelerating at an alarming rate 13.6% in 2009; 49% since 2001
  • In 2008 132.5 Million tax filers paid no income tax (44%)
  • By 2019 Medicare + Medicaid is expected to cost $1.7 Trillion
  • Social Security is taking in less than its paying out.  2009 $1.02 Trillion paid
  • Higher Education student grants total $117 Billion in 2009
  • Farm subsidies in 2000 were $30 Billion

The Heritage Foundation produces an annual report entitled The 2010 Index of Dependence on Government.  This is a must read especially prior to November elections.


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  1. You seem to leave out (as others have done) that many of the ‘people’ that aren’t paying taxes are actually companies.

    Exxon-Mobile, for one, returned record breaking profits as the largest company in the world, and yet paid no taxes.

    Tell you what?

    You want Bush Tax Cuts back? Think it is there to lead to growth? Then pay for it with jobs instead of shipping them overseas… EARN the tax cuts.

    Reign in the banks… if any segment of public life cost so much, and ran away scott free? Everyone would be up in arms… yet the banks can rob us, lie to us, and lose their asses, and WE PAY THEM OFF? Without them going to PRISON?

    How about deciding that businesses are people? Then why aren’t they held just as accountable as we are, legally, civilly, and morally?

    How many businesses are receiving money from the TAX PAYERS, yet taking the jobs they are creating and shipping them overseas?

    How many of these ‘entitled’ businesses are taking money from our tax payers, and rather than letting it ‘trickle down’ to their current employees, are simply putting that money in their own pockets?

    Speaking of businesses… you really need to reread the constitution if you think companies bribing our politicians should be considered “Free Speech”. Do you remember that line, “All men are created equal” in the Declaration of Independence? It is there for a reason.

    It means that people that have less need to be able to count just as much as those that have more… putting political power up for sale to the highest bidder does exactly the opposite… and is exactly that type of elitism that the Revolution was fought to defeat.

    It is the epitome of crony capitalism.

    Since Reagan, we have continued throwing money hand over fist at big businesses. When Reagan was in power, it was the right idea due to the overarching power of the unions, and the high cost of labor… however, treating this ‘solution’ as if it is a magic economic button without regard to context is dishonest, ineffectual, unAmerican, and simply morally repugnant.

    If it was the right way to promote growth, then how did it all bottom out during Bush’s long reign? How, during the ‘stimulating’ Bush tax cuts did it all fail?

    You are blaming the problems of ‘You, the Rich’ on the lower classes, while “We the People” suffer for your excesses.

    It is not going unnoticed, and your rule will not last much longer.

  2. What can I do as an American to make a difference? I work hard all day and sit back and watch it happening in front of me and I feel so helpless. My government is destroying everything I am working for. I pay my taxes, I am putting my kids through college and working long hours with my small successful business. But for how long. At the end of a great year nothing to show for it.

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